I started working on seaweed cultivation mechanisation in 2015, as an innovation project at Royal IHC. Our team designed, built and tested various mechnanisation principles for seeding and harvesting seaweeds. We gained valuable knowledge and insights through testing prototypes as early as possible. We booked much progress with three years of harvesting trials at 4 different locartions and 2 years of seeding trials, that led to substatial time and cost reduction in seaweed cultivation and two patents. At some point, this project was pauzed due to financial reasons at the begining of 2018.

Then I decided to continue active in this field, sharing my experience and assisting starting farmers in choosing cultivation systems that can lead to profitable seweed farming. Currently I am providing consultancy for farm design and mechanisation of seaweed cultivation. I am participating with other SMEs in the maritime sector in various projects that aim at develpoing cost-effective mechansised cultivation systems for various types of seaweeds.